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100 Hrs Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Become A Certified Yoga Teacher With Our 100 Hours Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC) In India

Through our intensive 100-hour aerial yoga teacher training course (YTTC) in India, that will take you on an enthralling journey into the world of aerial yoga and improve your teaching abilities.. Meticulously tailored for both yoga practitioners and certified instructors, this specialized program offers an all-encompassing curriculum that seamlessly melds the tenets of traditional yoga with the dynamic and innovative facets of aerial yoga. From aerial asanas to pedagogical techniques, our seasoned mentors will shepherd you through a transformative educational expedition, culminating in your certification as a proficient aerial yoga instructor.

Course Highlights

Accredited Certification: Our 100 Hours Aerial YTTC holds endorsement from esteemed yoga alliances and organizations, thus bestowing upon you a globally recognized certification upon successful completion.


Aerial Yoga Fundamentals: Immerse yourself in the bedrock of aerial yoga, mastering the meticulous setup of equipment, adhering to safety protocols, and acquiring essential techniques. Delve into the utilization of the aerial hammock to execute foundational poses and transitions.

Aerial Asanas and Sequencing: Navigate through a diverse array of aerial asanas, prioritizing alignment, adaptations, and modifications tailored to the aerial discipline. Develop the proficiency to craft well-rounded and engaging sequences for your future students.


Aerial Inversions and Acrobatics: Embark on an exhilarating journey into aerial inversions, flips, and acrobatic movements. Familiarize yourself with proper techniques, spotting strategies, and progressive advancements, ensuring safety while fostering confidence.


Aerial Yoga for Strength and Flexibility: Gain an insightful grasp of how aerial yoga contributes to enhanced strength, flexibility, and core stability. Discover conditioning exercises, dynamic maneuvers, and deep stretches that capitalize on the aerial hammock’s support and resistance.


Aerial Yoga Philosophy and Teaching Methodology: Deepen your comprehension of the philosophical underpinnings of aerial yoga and explore effective teaching methodologies. Encompass adept communication techniques and cultivate an environment that prioritizes safety and inclusivity for your future students.


Anatomy and Physiology for Aerial Yoga: Attain a comprehensive understanding of anatomical considerations specific to aerial yoga practice. Comprehend the impact of aerial poses on the body’s systems and master the art of adapting and modifying postures to suit individual requirements.


Aerial Yoga Therapeutics: Unlock the therapeutic potential of aerial yoga by learning to tailor it to address specific physical and emotional needs. Navigate modifications and variations to customize aerial poses for individuals dealing with injuries, limitations, or special conditions.


Safety and Rigging: Master indispensable safety protocols and rigging techniques for seamless aerial yoga practice. Comprehend the nuances of proper equipment setup, spotting, and injury prevention strategies to establish a secure and nurturing environment.


Teaching Practice and Feedback: Engage in hands-on teaching experiences, leading aerial yoga classes under the vigilant guidance of experienced mentors. Receive valuable feedback and insights to refine your teaching aptitude and foster self-assuredness.


Business and Marketing Guidance: Acquire guidance on establishing a thriving career as an aerial yoga instructor. Delve into effective marketing strategies, client management tactics, and the art of crafting a sustainable business model within the aerial yoga sphere.


Continuing Education and Community Support: Join a supportive community of fellow practitioners and educators, nurturing connections and providing ongoing learning prospects. Stay connected through post-training resources and continued education initiatives, further nurturing your skill set.


Our 100 Hours Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC) in India presents an intricate and specialized platform for yoga practitioners and certified instructors who aspire to become adept and certified aerial yoga mentors. Encompassing aerial asanas, safety protocols, teaching methodologies, and therapeutic approaches, this training arms you with the expertise, proficiencies, and certification requisite to confidently guide students through the transformative realm of aerial yoga. Join us on this exhilarating experience and unlock a fresh dimension within your yoga teaching journey.



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Benefits of Aerial Yoga

Based on the above-mentioned benefits, one can say that aerial yoga is the best exercise for the development of both the body and brain. To get the best out of the newest yoga form, you have to follow Aerial yoga trainings to achieve the most extreme benefits with the least efforts.

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Benifit Of Aerial Yoga Training

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