Vinyasa Yog Peeth

Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of the Teacher and the Technique

Before enrolling for any particular course/retreat, students must declare themselves willing to comply fully and for the duration of the course with the teachers guidance and instructions; that is, to observe and follow the discipline and to practice exactly as the teacher asks, without ignoring or discarding any part of the instructions, nor adding anything to them without teacher approval. An attitude of trust cans a student work diligently and thoroughly. This is essential for the success of the course that every individual must have confidence in the teacher and the technique however every individual has absolute right to enquire in a positive manner with the view to know the details and, how and why which help not only the students but also the teachers because we all are evolving and learning. Yog Siddhi Yoga code of conduct is a declaration of acceptable ethical and professional behavior by which all participant students (TTC regular course student and Yoga Retreat participant) agree to the code of conduct.


This course is intensive and requires sound physical and mental health. For any questions, please contact [email protected]


If you have any current or historic medical problem, please let us know in prior before enrolling for the course. It is strongly advised that all participants have a clean bill of health with no previous known medical conditions which might jeopardize his or her full participation in the course however if there is any regular medicine which a participants is following as per the prescription and has no impact on the course/retreat can advise our coordinator before joining the course. All participants are required to see after his or her own health during the course, including any required medication, doctor’s visits, hospital stays, etc. Our school in no way provides medical assistance at any time during the course however we can help them reaching to the hospitals, prescribing them medical services and other medical available assistance at their own cost.

Serious Mental Disorders