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50 Hrs Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Become A Certified Yoga Teacher With Our 50 Hours Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC) In India


Elevate both your personal yoga practice and teaching abilities through our immersive 50-Hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC) in India. Crafted especially for yoga enthusiasts and certified yoga teachers who are eager to delve into the dynamic and exhilarating realm of aerial yoga. Our meticulously designed curriculum, experienced instructors, and nurturing learning environment form the ideal platform to master aerial yoga techniques, gain a profound understanding of its benefits, and earn your certification as an accomplished aerial yoga teacher.

Course Highlights:

Accredited Certification: Our 50-Hour Aerial YTTC boasts accreditation from esteemed yoga alliances and organizations, ensuring that your certification holds global recognition.


Aerial Yoga Fundamentals: Delve into the bedrock of aerial yoga, including paramount safety protocols, equipment setup, rigging intricacies, and foundational aerial poses. Establish a firm foundational knowledge to confidently practice and teach aerial yoga.


Aerial Asanas and Sequencing: Traverse a diverse spectrum of aerial asanas (poses), transitions, and sequencing that cater specifically to aerial yoga. Learn to construct fluid and dynamic sequences, utilizing the aerial hammock to amplify strength, flexibility, and balance.

Alignment and Adjustments: Hone your proficiency in alignment principles tailored for aerial yoga poses. Grasp the unique mechanics and nuances intrinsic to aerial practice, equipping you with the expertise to deliver safe and effective adjustments that ensure proper alignment and injury prevention.


Aerial Inversions and Acrobatics: Uncover the joy of aerial inversions, flips, and acrobatic movements. Cultivate both skills and confidence in guiding students through demanding aerial poses, all while prioritizing safety and alignment.


Aerial Yoga for Strength and Flexibility: Plunge into the ways aerial yoga can elevate strength, flexibility, and core stability. Absorb conditioning exercises, dynamic movements, and profound stretches that exploit the aerial hammock’s capacity for support and resistance.


Therapeutic Applications of Aerial Yoga: Comprehend how aerial yoga can be harnessed therapeutically to address specific physical, mental, and emotional hurdles. Acquire modifications and variations tailored to diverse body types, limitations, and particular conditions.


Aerial Yoga Philosophy and Teaching Methodology: Deepen your grasp of aerial yoga’s foundational principles and philosophy. Explore innovative teaching methodologies, sequencing, eloquent communication, and fostering an environment that embraces and supports all aerial yoga students.


Anatomy and Physiology for Aerial Yoga: Cultivate insights into the distinct anatomical considerations inherent to aerial yoga practice. Grasp the effects of aerial poses on the body’s intricate systems and learn to tailor and modify poses to suit individual needs.


Safety and Injury Prevention: Attain mastery in vital safety protocols, rigging essentials, spotting techniques, and strategies for injury prevention in aerial yoga practice. Develop an acute awareness of safety to foster an environment of secure practice.


Business and Marketing Guidance: Obtain invaluable guidance in launching your career as an aerial yoga instructor. Learn effective marketing strategies, client management, and the art of building a vibrant yoga community. Gain insights into pricing structures and strategies for business sustainability.


Practical Teaching Experience: Engage in hands-on teaching experiences, where you’ll have the privilege of leading aerial yoga classes under the expert supervision of seasoned instructors. Receive invaluable feedback to refine your teaching acumen and bolster your confidence.


**Our 50-Hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC) in India offers an all-encompassing and specialized program, perfectly suited for both yoga enthusiasts and certified instructors looking to explore the captivating realm of aerial yoga. With a strong focus on aerial asanas, alignment, safety, sequencing, and teaching methodology, this training empowers you with the proficiency and confidence to expertly guide aerial yoga classes. Embark on this exhilarating journey with us, broaden your teaching horizons, and emerge as a certified aerial yoga teacher.

Initiate a Transformative Journey with Our Yoga Teachers and Immerse Yourself in the Authentic Wisdom of Yoga.




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Benefits of Aerial Yoga

Based on the above-mentioned benefits, one can say that aerial yoga is the best exercise for the development of both the body and brain. To get the best out of the newest yoga form, you have to follow Aerial yoga trainings to achieve the most extreme benefits with the least efforts.


Explore the Authentic Essence of Yoga through Expert Guidance: Embrace the Wisdom of Yogic Traditions

Join us on this journey of self-discovery and transformation, led by our esteemed team of instructors who are deeply immersed in the wisdom of authentic yoga. Immerse yourself in the profound teachings that have been passed down through the ages, merging ancient traditions and spiritual heritage to create an enlightening and life-changing experience.


Our instructors, firmly rooted in the path of yoga, embody the rich tapestry of knowledge that has been cultivated over generations. With their extensive expertise and unwavering commitment, they invite you to explore the multi-dimensional aspects of yoga, encompassing the physical, mental, and spiritual realms. Under their guidance, you’ll delve into traditional practices such as asanas, pranayama, meditation, and mantra chanting. Each session becomes a symphony of breath and movement, fostering a seamless integration of mind, body, and spirit.


By immersing yourself in the teachings of our experienced instructors, you’ll witness the transformative potential of yoga manifest within you. They will nurture your inner strength, flexibility, and resilience while fostering a profound sense of self-awareness and mindfulness.


Enveloped in the wisdom of yoga, you’ll establish a sacred connection to its ancient roots. Goa’s serene ambiance, nestled against the majestic backdrop of the sea, provides the perfect setting for your transformative journey.


Join us as we extend an invitation to uncover the authentic essence of yoga with our esteemed instructors at Vinyasa Yogpeeth. Allow the illuminating power of yoga to guide you towards holistic well-being and self-realization.


On this Journey of Transformation with Our esteemed Yoga Instructors: Absorb the Authentic Wisdom of Yoga


As you set foot on the path of transformation guided by our revered yoga instructors, you’ll be immersed in the wisdom of yoga. Seeking guidance from experienced teachers is a natural inclination, as individuals yearn for comprehensive instruction, personalized attention, and a nurturing environment to nurture their yoga journey.



Our teachers possess a wealth of knowledge across various yoga traditions, making them sought-after mentors by those who are committed to deepening their practice, enhancing flexibility, attaining mental clarity, and cultivating inner peace. Through our yoga program, you’ll be empowered by the guidance of these respected instructors who inspire you to unlock your inherent potential through the transformative practice of yoga.

Course Formation

Benifit Of Aerial Yoga Training

NOTE : All Certificate Provide by Rishikesh Yog Kendra.