Vinyasa Yog Peeth



Course and Curriculum

Our regular Teacher training course of 200 ,300 and 500 hour have the curriculum of teaching methodology which will skill a trainee to conduct a class and at the end of each course. All our students have to clear each subject taught during tenure followed with either a written or oral examination.
  • We have very limited seats and our groups are smaller hence we select only genuine seeker who has background of yoga and who would pledge to teach according to what he has been given including his /her personal experiences.
  • Have been practicing yoga for a minimum of one years.
  • Commit to 90% attendance.
  • Are able to involve in karma yoga (Selfless service) and various school activity voluntarily.
  • Send us an application at [email protected] stating the genuine reason for the eligibility which should showcase in their application (we request you to genuine and honest when writing about this) and explanation to strongly consider yourself suitable for a scholarship.

Teachers Training Course

  • Yoga classes (Mon ~ Sat)
  • 01 Ayurveda Massage per week
  • Pranayama / Meditation / Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep)/ Meditation
  • Introduction with Ayurveda, Yoga Philosophy, Mindfulness
  • Accommodation with attached bathroom and free WIFI
  • Three Ayurvedic vegetarian meals / Vegan and dairy free on request
  • Day Excursion / River rafting (depending on availability) nature walk in the foothills of the Himalayas.
  • Information, guidance and escort services for local sightseeing.
  • Yogic T Shirt / Carry bag / TTC Manual
You can apply through online and register yourself by filling the registration. Once we receive the registration and on availability we sent you a confirmation email and you can secure your space we require a non-refundable deposit of 20 percent of total fee through online payment via credit card /PayPal that is used to reserve your spot, the balance you can pay on arrival and before start of course/retreat. If you are using PayPal you can also pay at

Although it depends on individual and it’s a completely a personal choice however if someone likes to learn in advance to our course, you can read up on these books:

  • Asana –Pranayama- Mudra- Bandha published by Bihar School Of Yoga.
  • Bhagavad Geeta
  • Yog Sutra by Patanjali
  • Our curriculum will have will consist of most important sections of Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha, and Anatomy/Alignment, Kriya, Meditation and multi-style of Yoga Asana.

Yoga doesn’t have an age barrier and we have seen people at the age of 50+ also has learnt the Yoga and made a success full yogic life. Actually the Myth is yoga is taken more as physical exercise and activity where as the fact is that Yoga is about spiritual elevation of someone who practices this holistic science for the self realization.

Our Training is hectic six days a week with Sunday as a free day and we understand that participants need a break from regular class both physically and mentally, hence we take our participants along with our team on a day trip at nearby scenic beauty.


As we are located at the foothills of Himalaya acknowledging with River Ganges and Rishikesh which is also known as world capital of yoga and is full of scenic beauty and landscape hence we take our groups to these place acknowledging with light outdoor yoga session which is mixed with exploring the place, fun and photography.

Note: Cost of these excursions are included in the tuition and comes as an added bonus for attending our school however someone feels like relaxing and doing their own thing, then they are free for the day. Sometimes we may have extra assignment and homework in that way sometimes we postpone or reduce our two free days into one.


Accommodation & Food

We provide private as well as the twin sharing room with attached bath. The Tuition fee includes accommodation with three vegetarian meals.

  • Our meals are unlimited and includes Tea, If you are Vegan you need to inform us during your arrival and our kitchen will happy to serve you. We have outsource laundry facility at additional cost
Yes, we have internet Wi-Fi with enough bandwidth for video streaming and calls back home, although the internet/power providers are not stable and reliable some time and we have experienced a bad signal and won’t have internet for a few hours.
If there is a condition you are coming for TTC and your friend or partner is coming along with you then we are fine with it if you want to share your room depending on availability and will be with the additional cost
  • Enough clothes for a week (or two) so that you don’t need to wash it and send it to laundry in the first week. You night clothes should have casual pajamas and tops which can also be comfortably worn while going for morning walks/nature walk or breakfast.
  • Any regular pair of shoes for walking around mainly sports shoe /sandals and chappals if you want to do any sort of water-related activities on our Sunday outings with the rest of the school and staff.
  • Standard toiletries, shower sandals, and towel.
  • Electronics (laptop, tablets, iPad) don’t forget to take along the chargers or batteries of the electronic gadgets which are being carried and if they need a specific plug to charge. Although most of them are available in Rishikesh local market.
  • A backpack (meant for backpacking and hiking and tracking). Although it’s not absolutely necessary if you want to save money, the ground in India isn’t always paved and smooth, so it’s not as friendly to luggage bags with wheels like western and European country.
  • A headlamp or flashlight and a small torch for an emergency.
  • Any necessary medicine prescribed your doctor. Many people bring basic first-aid (bandaids, antibacterial cream, etc). We also recommend bringing diarrhea medicine in case you eat food outside accidentally drink unfiltered/tap water. All of our food and vegetables are washed and cooked with purified water, so you won’t have to worry about getting sick during your daily meals.
  • Feminine hygiene products, if necessary. Please pack more sets of undergarments /socks as you may not be able to wash them regularly or get them washed while training Toiletries: Please keep all the basic items which you use as a matter of personal hygiene like – toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, face wash, body lotion, shaving kit, deodorants, etc. And there are certain things which climate of area demands, like sunscreen lotions, or cold creams that should also be taken along accordingly Nail Cutter – In addition to cutting nails, the additional features of a nail cutter can be used for cutting fruits, opening seals or caps, etc. We have a laundry facility and can be availed at a nominal cost.
  • Spectacles or contact lenses – if one wears glasses or lenses then an alternate set should be kept as a backup.

We don’t have any specific dress code in our school but you should choose yoga wear that hugs your body shape, and allows for easy movement and have enough stretch for Asanas Practice, Indian culture doesn’t encourage the exposed and revealing dress and you should choose a dress that covers your knees and shoulders.

You should not carry extra money during your stay as we provide food and accommodation and apart from your daily schedule. We also recommend you to obtain an ATM card that doesn’t charge / reimburses international fees. For international traveler, the most convenient way is to carry an ATM card which has a transaction limit of about $100-150 USD per day. Please also check your bank for the transaction charge of every time you withdraw money outside from your country from ATM machine.
We have plenty of mats for you to borrow and we will recommend you not to carry to avoid extra luggage.

Travel & Visa

You can also apply for e-visa which is valid for two months at If your stay is more longer than most common visa is a tourist Visa (lasts 6 months). The former rule that a period of 2 months must elapse after leaving India and before re-entering has been removed since November 2012.

  • Important To Know Before You Apply For Visa: Non-refundable tickets or reservations should not be purchased until all visas and passports are secured and in your possession. Although it has gotten better, the visa application process is notorious for not being on time.
If our course is the first activity that you are doing in India, you advise you to book your flights so that you arrive one or two days before the scheduled start date of the course, it will also give you some flexibility in travel time to arrive here. We have a short orientation session on day first before the course begins, and classes begin on the morning of the scheduled start date.

Depends If you aren’t planning on exploring more of India, you should book your flight so that you leave one or two day after the scheduled end date of the course.

Distance of our school from few famous nearby city
• New Delhi, 234 kms
• Dehra Dun, 45 kms
• Haridwar, 20 kms

New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL), is the nearest international Airport and then you can also fly into Dehradun airport (DED), It’s worth checking the price to see if it would be cheaper than flying from New Delhi to Dehradun or by train from New Delhi to Haridwar.

You should ideally take morning flight from New Delhi (DED) to Dehradun(DED) so that you can reach maximum by afternoon to Dehradun to enough time in hand, although it depends on your international flight and its connecting time and you can plan accordingly.


In general from New Delhi to Dehradun is only 45 to 60 minute fly but again it depends from flight to flight.

We have a tie-up with local transporter and a private taxi for airport transfer from New Delhi airport to our School will roughly cost US$ 60. There’s a maximum of two students that can share a taxi, and you would split the total cost with the other student. Please inform with your flight airline number, arrival time to avail this paid facility.

  • From New Delhi (IGI) for 2 Persons in Taxi – US $ 60
  • From New Delhi (IGI) for 4 Persons in SUV – US $ 100
From New Delhi airport to our school is tentative 235 Km and depending on highway traffic it takes in general six to seven hours drive time.
From Dehardun airport to our school is tentative 45 Km and depending on city traffic it takes in general one hour drive time.

Upon receiving of booking amount you are intiltled to switch your course dates and is valid for one year.

  • Switching of course is not applicable for scholaship program.

Health & Safety

Our School is located in the Indian state GOA. This place has a spiritual connection as per Hindu mythology as every year millions of pilgrim visit this land for various holy rituals across the globe. One of the greatest reasons is the Holy river Great Ganges flow through this state and among pilgrim the significance of this river is highest and also worshipped as Mother Ganges.

Every year many yoga and spiritual enthusiast visit this city across the world and is considerably safest place if you are a lone traveler or even a solo female traveler. Our Indian culture is based on the rule of ATITHI DEVO BHAW which means Guest is the form of GOD. The local people here are very welcoming and friendly and used to of multicultural people, and full of innocence as compare to Indian metro city crowd.

This mystic land is a surely nice and safe place for everyone and we look for the unforgettable moment for that enthusiast who comes looks India as a land of mythology, spirituality, and human relation and cultural value.

We recommend not to drink water that comes straight out of a faucet. Showering is fine (as long as you don’t gulp mouthfuls of the water).

  • You should check if local restaurants/cafes use filtered water for their ice and drinks if you are eating or drinking outside of our school.
  • We prepare our meals in filtered and purified water and we provide filtered water bottle.
  • We are not officially medical professionals (in the western sense of the word ), so you should exercise your own judgment and research as well before deciding whether or not to get vaccines.
  • We also recommend checking with your doctor as well if you are specifically allergic to anything.

You shouldn’t have to worry about malaria in Rishikesh, and/or taking any sort of anti-malaria medicine, as Rishikesh isn’t in a high-risk zone for malaria.

  • Malaria medicine can sometimes be the source of vivid nightmares, and taking it for an extended period of time (30 days) is generally not recommended. Some travelers have the medicine on hand, just in case, but you likely won’t need to take it in Rishikesh. However, take our advice with a grain of salt, as we are not medical professionals, in the western sense of the word.

Yes we recommend you to get vaccinated for Typhoid as India in general has a higher risk for Typhoid, so you should consider it. Please do your own research on article and discussion on getting Typhoid vaccines for India.