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Is Yoga A Well Being Process ?


Yoga is the fastest-growing well-being process. It has roots deeply laid all over the spiritual and health history. It aids physical as well as mental well-being. It has numerous benefits and is not limited to any age group. It is often recommended to fasten to the healing and coping process. It is often equated to physical exercise and weight loss but it is only a part of yoga. If you are looking up for Yoga Courses In Goa, Vinyasa Yogpeeth. that works on body movements along with breath, to discover and embrace flow.

Know Six Branches primary of Yoga

There are six primary branches of Yoga as the origin.

  • Raja Yoga – involves Meditation and tapas
  • Gyan Yoga – involves knowing the unknown and mediation
  • Tantra Yoga – involves meditations and pranayamas (breathing techniques)
  • Hatha Yoga – involves physical asanas and meditation
  • Bhakti Yoga – involves meditation and worshipping
  • Karma Yoga – involves helping people and volunteering

Benefits of practicing Yoga

Yoga is a spiritual process that has many benefits – physical and beyond.


Yoga increases flexibility. We have lost the hang of productive physical movements and basic exercise due to our working patterns and lifestyles. This has a direct effect on flexibility. With yoga, we get a chance a revive flexibility.


Balance is the most important element for humankind to keep pace with living. Physical, mental, emotional, and What not! Each aspect of life requires balance. Yoga enhances balance.

Metabolism rate

Yoga has a considerable effect on the metabolism rate. It also improves blood flow to the brain and other essentials of the human body.

Qualitative sleep

People who practice yoga often report qualitative sleeping pattern. They acquire sound and rejuvenating sleep.

Aches and pain

Yoga is a great pain reliever. It helps to ease frozen muscles, back pain, arthritis, aches, and pain.

Stress relief

Stress reduction and stress relief are the most known benefits of yoga. It helps with mindfulness as well as living in the moment.

Weight management

Yoga helps in weight management. Asanas help in fat reduction, increase of blood flow and therefore tones the body.

Mental health

Yoga relives mental tensions by creating a union of mind, body and soul. Mindfulness and contentment can be achieved by practicing yoga gradually over time.

Who should practice Yoga?

Yoga is for everyone. Infact there are asanas, pranayanamas, mudras for each person to heal them. Hence there is no one that should not perform yoga but it is essential that we concerns professionals before starting yoga.

Yoga can be helpful for following conditions:


Stress can be better managed with yoga. It increases focus and mental balance.

Back pain

Yoga helps in easing back pain especially, lower back pain. It relaxes the tension in muscles and heals chronic pains.


Be it stress headaches or any headaches, practicing yoga reduces headaches.

Cold parts and immobility

Most of the times, yoga heals cold parts and immobility by giving right exercise. With assistance of professionals one can enhance their physical mobility with yoga.

Breathing issues

Yoga through pranayamas clears the nassal and lung related issues. It eases breathing and breathing tracts.

People with blood criculation conditions, arthithis, hormonal imbalances, also can get fullest benefit of Yoga.

Yoga and other medication

Often people are in doubt whether yoga can be performed when taking another medicine for any prevailing condition simultaneously or not. The answer is Yes. you can take any medicine and still perform yoga.

In fact, Yoga can be used to enhance the functioning of the medication. Depending on why you are using a medicine and depending on condition, you must perform or refrain from some particular asanas or practices under yoga. One must seek professionals to know which practices must be practices and which to be avoided.

Some Don’ts for Yoga

  • 1. Do not perform any practice without concerning professionals.
  • 2. Do not perform immediately after taking meals.
  • 3. Do not perform when physically exhausted. Women during their periods must refrain from performing heavy asanas and exercises.
  • 4. In case injury or any sprain, concern both physician and professional experts in Yoga before performing Yoga.
  • 5. Do not over do for instant results.

Can we perform Yoga at home?

Yoga can be performed anywhere but not in any way. It is extremely important that trained professionals guide you in know howof the practices. Often asanas, mudras and pranayamas might become counterproductive when not performed properly leading to worsening of conditions.

Yoga like any other healing practice need guidance and awareness. It is suggested to take up classes where trained professionals interact and design your yoga plan for your individual body type. Often yoga centres group people with similar need and take group sessions. That is equally beneficial.

Vinyasa Yogpeeth is one of the best yoga classes in Goa. They have a amicable ambience and skilled trainers in their yoga center in Goa.

Frequently asked questions about Yoga

Is yoga Safe?

Yes. Yoga is a well being practice that needs skifull training and practice. It is important that one enrolls in a good yoga center and learns before doing anything that is on youtube or social media.

If you are from Goa, Vinyasa Yogpeeth conducts best yoga classes in goa.

Is there age limit for yoga?

Precisely, No. yoga is not restricted to any age group or human type. It depends on how flexible on is to perform yoga. It is important that professional guidance is taken.

Can we get qualitative yoga courses in goa?

Yes. There are qualitative and best yoga classes in goa. Vinyasa Yogpeeth is a yoga center in goa that offers supreme courses.

Does Yoga cure hormonal imbalance?

Asanas and other pratices in yoga regulate endocrine and exocrine systems in the body. It helps in balancing estrogen and adrogen level too, consequently showing positive affect on hormonal imbalance.

Are there good yoga classes in goa?

Yes. Vinyasa Yogpeeth is one of the best Yoga Classes In Goa. you can visit their site and contact them using the phone lines.


Yoga is a therapeutic and spiritual practise with many advantages, bodily and beyond. Vinyasa Yogpeeth is an authentic yoga center in Goa that focuses on breath control and body movement to find flow.

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